Board sizes vary and we have a fleet that can satisfy even experienced surfers.  We have a selection of boards suitable for touring along the coastline, downwind but also boards suitable for yoga lessons & sessions.

Trips & Courses

We offer a basic course, held in three sessions that will introduce you to the sport and you will learn how to kneel and stand up on the board, self-rescues, basic maneuvers and turning, paddling technique & carrying – launching the equipment.

Price: 3 hours ,120€

The course’s aim is to introduce the sport to beginners or people with small experience. We train everyone from kids up to grandparents!  Private courses up to group training are available.

If someone wants a SUP guided trip we offer the same itineraries as on our kayaking adventure trips, we will paddle the clear Mediterranean waters of the Aegean Sea, relax on deserted beaches, go into caves, explore the remote, unique and spectacular coastline of Epanomi, Thessaloniki. Standup Paddleboarding requires a bit more balance but once you get the feeling it gives you a really unique feeling almost like walking on the water!

All you need to bring is a bathing suit, a towel, a hat, sunscreen, and you are ready for a day filled with adventure, exercise, and unforgettable beauty.

Booking in advance is recommended. Please contact us by email, we answer promptly within 24 hours.  If you want to speak with us please call us.