Local Tours

Inhabited from Neolithic years, Epanomi is one of the oldest villages in Northern Greece. Get to experience all hidden gems of our village. From secret beaches, sunrise traditional fishing ways, vineyards, honey making process, bird watching and more

The diversity of nature gives the place a unique beauty just outside the second biggest city of Greece.

Our guided tours include:

Sunrise yoga

You will never see a kitesurfer enter the water without stretching

Good balance is an essential part of water activities

Yoga brings together many of the skills you will need for any water activity and on the bright side it helps you stretch, relax, repair and tone your body. Most importantly maximize performance and prevent injuries

A unique surrounding of beautiful birds, such as flamingos, is waiting for our guests to be explored. We hike among the Natura2000 wetland, have a sunrise yoga class listening at natures sounds as the sun goes up.

As the class ends everyone has a chance of having a birdwatching session and enjoy traditional breakfast at our beachfront picnic

Taliani- Fishing

Experience the traditional way of fishing called “taliani” or “thinio” (Ταλιάνι / Θυννείο)

This tradition started around 1922 and is still one rare style of fishing in Northern Greece.

We absolutely recommend you to wake early in the morning with our team and join local fishermen at their Taliani spot, fish with them in the wooden boat and get fish as fresh as it gets.

A dive in the secret spot, would be the best thing for your body to start the day, in the calm- waveless sea as the sun starts showing and a picnic on the beach from us with local tastefull & healthy products.

After your morning water sport sessions back at the spot we will assist you on recipes for your morning fish for you and your friends/family to taste on our free- open kitchen at the station.