We are situated on the lengthy sandy beach on the outer Cape of Epanomi , between Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki south of the small town of Epanomi. The distance from the town’s center is just 30kms which makes it ideal for a quick escape. Toumba for sure is the nicest beach in close proximity with Thessaloniki.

During the spring and autumn is very calm and relaxed without many people, ideal for quiet vacations & during July – August it becomes busier.

The area has ideal conditions for beginners in windsurfing & kitesurfing with frequent thermal winds of up to 15 -20 knots, which are usual throughout May to October. During the winter we have north winds up to 40 knots.  Sea kayaking & sup tours and rentals are also available on demand. The touring services we offer cover the distance from point to point through sea waters on both locations we are licensed to operate on the whole beach front.

Our new station is under construction and we will be ready 15th of April.


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